Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dance in the Vampire Bund review 4/25/2012

# 10                 Dance in the Vampire Bund
Summary:  Mina Tepes is the ruler of the whole vampire race and a wealthy princess of the Tepes royal family. Her dream is to create a special district , off the coast of Japan, for vampires world wide. This district will act as a safe haven for the vampires. However before Mina can tell the world of  her plan, rival and terrorist  groups plan to assassinate Mina at any cost! 

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Number of Eps : 12

Number of seasons: 1

Storyline: 2/5

Voice acting : 5/5

Animation Quality: 5/5

Genres: Action, Vampire, Supernatural

Rating : R+ (Mild Nudity , Blood)

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By Reina 
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  1. You have to love how the Japanese portray their women, little girly types with overly large breasts, at least they are consistent. :-)

  2. yes the Japanese are masters for knowing what their audience likes lol. They're masters at almost everything it seems ^.^