Monday, April 30, 2012

Darker than Black review 4/30/2012

#11                                       Darker than Black
               Summary: 10 years ago a mysterious field , named Hell's gate, suddenly appeared in Tokyo. At the same time phyics with paranormal powers started to show up too.  Hei along with his blind partner Yin work to undercover the sercerts of Hell's gate. 

Video Trailer:

Video Clip:

Number of Eps: 25

Number of seasons : 2

Storyline: 3/5

Voice acting: 3/5

Animation quality: 4/5

Genres: Action , Mystery, Sci-Fi, Super power

Rating : R-17+ (Blood , Profanity , Language)

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dance in the Vampire Bund review 4/25/2012

# 10                 Dance in the Vampire Bund
Summary:  Mina Tepes is the ruler of the whole vampire race and a wealthy princess of the Tepes royal family. Her dream is to create a special district , off the coast of Japan, for vampires world wide. This district will act as a safe haven for the vampires. However before Mina can tell the world of  her plan, rival and terrorist  groups plan to assassinate Mina at any cost! 

Video Trailer: 

Video Clip:

Number of Eps : 12

Number of seasons: 1

Storyline: 2/5

Voice acting : 5/5

Animation Quality: 5/5

Genres: Action, Vampire, Supernatural

Rating : R+ (Mild Nudity , Blood)

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By Reina 
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Monday, April 23, 2012

D.N Angel Review 4/23/2012

# 9                                    D.N Angel
                              Summary: On his 14th birthday , Daisuke Niwa, confesses his undying love to the girl of his dream...only to fail! But now whenever he thinks of her Daisuke turns into the super hot and mysterious Dark Mousy , the legendary phantom thief.  This is a good turn of events for Daisuke's mother who uses Dark to steal priceless works of art for a mysterious reason that Daisuke has no clue about.

Video Trailer :

Number of Eps:  26

Number of seasons: 1

Storyline : 3/5

Voice acting: 2/5

Animation style: 3/5

Genres:  Action , Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, School, Shoujo

Rating : Pg-13

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Code Geass Review

#8                                   Code Geass
Summary: How would you like it if a other country invaded your nation and completely took over. Well thats exactly what happened to Japan.  The year was 2010, August  10th, thats when the holy empire of Britannia started its invasion into Japan.  Thanks to the help of newly created humanoid armor vehicles Britanna was able to take over Japan in a month. Now the proud Japanese race are called elevens and their nation is called Area 11 , no longer does Japan have the rights or identity it once had.  Thats where Lelouch's story comes in, lelouch is a exiled prince of Britannia .When one day his life changes when he meets  C.C.  A pretty green haired girl that grants Lelouch  the power of Geass.  Now , with the power to completely control a person's mind, Lelouch begins the rebellion against his own country Britannia!

Video Trailer:

Video Clip:

Number of eps: 25

Number of Seasons : 2

Storyline : 4/5

Voice acting : 2/5

Animation Style : 4/5

Genres: Action, Mecha, School, Super Power, Military

Rating : R+ (Mild Nudity , Blood + Gore)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Claymore Review

# 7                                       Claymore
Summary: Claymores, named after the large swords they carry, fight against demonic beings called Yoma who love to eat humans. Claymores are mixed with human and Yoma blood and because of this , are deeply hated by humans.  Join Clare and her young human companion Raki as they protect a society that wants nothing to do with them. Claire who fights to fulfill a promise she made during her childhood, and Raki  who lost everything in a yoma attack and desperately wants to stay by Clare's side forever!

Video Trailer:
                                             Video Ep 1:

Number of Eps :  26

Number of Seasons : 1

Storyline: 3/5

Voice acting: 4/5

Animation Style: 4/5

Genres: Action , Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Rating: R+ (Blood , Gore, Mild Nudity)

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