Sunday, April 1, 2012

Claymore Review

# 7                                       Claymore
Summary: Claymores, named after the large swords they carry, fight against demonic beings called Yoma who love to eat humans. Claymores are mixed with human and Yoma blood and because of this , are deeply hated by humans.  Join Clare and her young human companion Raki as they protect a society that wants nothing to do with them. Claire who fights to fulfill a promise she made during her childhood, and Raki  who lost everything in a yoma attack and desperately wants to stay by Clare's side forever!

Video Trailer:
                                             Video Ep 1:

Number of Eps :  26

Number of Seasons : 1

Storyline: 3/5

Voice acting: 4/5

Animation Style: 4/5

Genres: Action , Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Rating: R+ (Blood , Gore, Mild Nudity)

Place to watch online:

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