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Death Note Review 6/9/2012

#13                                       Death Note
Summary: Light Yagami's life changed the day he came across a mysterious notebook laying on the ground. On the cover of this notebook was written "Deathnote" . Curious as too what was inside the notebook , Light opened it to find some rules written on the inside front cover . One of the rules stated : That whoever name is written in this book will die . Light , taking this rule as a joke,  wrote a persons name in the notebook.....after a few seconds...the person died of a heart attack. Now convinced that the "Death note" is real. Light comes up with a brilliant idea to rid the world of all injustice and wrong doers . However how far will light go save the world from wrong doing?

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                                                               Video Clip:

Number of Eps :  37

Number of seasons: 1

Storyline: 5/5

Voice acting : 5/5

Animation quality: 5/5

Genres:  Mystery, supernatural, police, psychological, Thriller

Rating: R 17+ (violence and profanity)

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