Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lets start with the Basics of Anime 2/11/2012

Sorry i hav'nt posted in a while . Ok now before i start to do anime reviews. I need to teach you a little bit about anime first..for all the people who are not familiar with Japanese animation.

What is anime: Anime is the slang term for Japanese animation .

Have you seen anime and not known it : most likely yes! If you watched 4Kids tv when you were young , then you defiantly have watched anime before. Shows like Pokemon, Digimon , Yugioh, Dinosaur King , Mew Mew Power-Aka Tokyo mew mew-are all children's anime shows.

Is anime just for kids: NO!!! not at all . Everyone from young kids to full grown adults can enjoy anime!

What is the rating system for anime:

G-good for everyone
PG-suggestive themes, some profanity , mild violence
PG-13-For 13 and up, slightly stronger profanity, more blood and violence, suggestive themes
R, Strong blood , violence , nudity , and profanity
RX , FOR ADULTS ONLY, this mostly hentai aka cartoon porn


Here are some examples of Anime:

Big Windup!-Rated : G

Sasami Magical Girls Club-Rated: PG

Buso Renkin-Rated :PG-13

DN Angel-Rated:PG-13

Girls Bravo-Rated : R

Drangonaut: The Resonance-Rated: R


Well thats is for Class 1 of Welcome to Anime 101
Tomorrow i'll teach you important anime terms and words! So please look forward to it ^.^

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